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The Abington Little League is currently exploring interest from our membership in forming the “Intermediate 50/70 Division” for all baseball aged 13 year olds. 


It has been difficult for some players in the past to jump from the Little League field dimensions of a 46’ pitching distance and 60’ base path to the longer 60’ pitching distance and 90’ base path of the junior division. 


This Intermediate Division would offer 50’ pitching and 70’ base path dimensions and we feel is a more attainable transition for most 13 year old players. During this season on a slightly larger field players will be able to develop their skills and grow in size which will enable them to have a greater chance of success as 14-year-olds on the bigger field and hopefully allow them to continue their baseball experience. 


Currently in the district we belong to, District 17, other leagues such as Dunmore, Carbondale, Lakeland, Wallenpaupack, and West Scranton are also looking at entering teams. Our team or teams would play these leagues beginning this spring. 


We would need a minimum of 13 players to enter a team. If we get more than that, we would enter multiple teams. But we won’t know until we hear back from you!


Ackerly Complex in Glenburn


140 Ackerly Road

Clarks Summit, PA 18411


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